Our Mission

We cultivate hope for patients by breaking down the financial barriers. We provide the critical initial funding for those who are in the throws of addiction and have made the hard decision to take that first critical step in recovery: to ask for help.

Sometimes, people have had addiction take everything from them and from their family, and, even though they want help, they cannot get even the $250 to get started with a doctor or $125 to access a therapist.

We provide the initial few payments in the form of a “pay it forward” unsecured loan, meeting the patients where they are when they are ready to ask for help.

The pay it forward concept gives patients the dignity of eventually helping others as they pay the help back. In the case of opioid addiction to pain pills or heroin, an entire year of out-patient treatment without the care of a therapist is only $2,575. With monthly therapist visits, the cost for a year of treatment is only $4,015.

Most people only need a few months of help to get back to work and back on their feet. An initial visit with a doctor is only about $250, and visits to stay sober are only about $200 per month.

Our goal is to give people the chance to accept help and then help them help others.

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